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'The therapists were excellent, each one gave us a real 1-1, personalised experience. Despite being presented with two incredibly stressed people, they helped us to leave ready to face the world again with bundles of calm, hopeful energy'
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Create Your Own Bespoke Retreat

Build your own self-care package with the help of our wonderful team of therapists.

At Witherdens Hall, we invite guests to create their own wellbeing retreat knowing that they will receive individual, 1:2:1 attention from our therapists. Each one of the treatments is handpicked by you, to ensure that your retreat includes exactly what it is that you need. 

This combination seems to work particularly well for people coming away for a solo retreat, friends coming away together but who may have different requirements and those coming away on retreat for the first time who may be a little daunted by a structured retreat programme.

Available treatments include yoga, acupuncture, reiki, massage and nature journaling.

Some guests opt to have no treatments at all, but just enjoy the quiet space, some time away and a bit of time to focus on themselves with free access to our Chillspace 'mini spa' with far infrared sauna, steam cabinet and massage chair, plus the pool during the warmer months

Simply book your self-catering accommodation and browse the list of treatments and activities available during your stay.

Stays for up to 2 people, for 2 days start rom £350 and treatments from £40. 

The Peaceful Yogi Mini-Retreat

Be soothed with 1:2:1 care from yogi and natural therapist, Sarah Grattan. This half day mini retreat during your stay, includes prescriptive yoga, the healing energy of reiki and the stillness of meditation to calm and centre the mind.


3 ½ -4 hours of personal guidance from Sarah including:

Personal yoga session

You can choose either Hatha to get your heart pumping a little harder, or the slower, gentler Yin Yoga, or have a more prescriptive class by mixing the two styles together.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a natural healing energy therapy originating from Japan. Lying fully clothed and listening to music, Reiki allows you to go deeper into a meditative state where your own natural healing ability is activated and accelerated. Each session delivers a sense of connection, relaxation, balance and a feeling of being deeply nourished.


Learn and experience the stillness of meditation. Try different techniques to practise when you’re at home and find which suits you. We will also practise some yogic breathing techniques that help to calm and centre the mind.

From £170 per person, plus accommodation.  

Dwellbeing Retreat


A private, half or full-day retreat during your stay to connect with and explore nature. Local artist Clare Jackson combines healing, creative and playful activities through mindful walking and nature journalling.

Clare is offering retreat guests two creative activities. No previous experience or skills are required. The creative work is enjoyable and playful and Clare is a supportive and encouraging facilitator.

All materials are supplied. Each guest will be given a Dwellbeing gift to take home with them, to further their experience and practice, creating this a lifelong interest. 


Nature Journaling

This is both an artform and meditation. Paying careful attention whilst observing the natural world throughout the seasons gives us a deep sense of wellbeing and connection.


Mindful Walks

This is a practice that Clare loves to share with others. Walking in the world mindfully, especially in nature can be deeply healing. Intuitively using a method similar to the Japanese way of shirin-yoku (forest bathing) you will explore the local environment.


From £180 pp for activities on a 1:2:1 basis

Breakthrough Therapy Retreat

Find release from anxiety, overthinking and everyday stresses during this personal, nurturing Breakthrough Therapy retreat package.  This half or full-day experience, with Suzi Tyler will reset your mind and emotions and provide skills to help you to move forward confidently.

Suzi is an experienced Trauma and Anxiety therapist, Grief & Bereavement Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, NLP & EFT Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, EMDR Therapist and Life Coach.  She works with individuals, using a range of techniques to unlock their full potential. 

Breakthroughs include: trauma (PTSD) triggers, blocks removed; mindset shift; feeling empowered; life tools to take away.

Suzi will have you feeling uplifted and lighter with fresh enthusiasm, increased confidence and clarity.  As you increase in confidence, you’ll be implementing fresh new ways of thinking, feeling & being. 

Before you meet Suzi, she will get in touch to find out what result would create the greatest value for you and then tailor the therapy to achieve the best result.

Half Day Retreat:  2 hours of breakthrough therapy:  £180.  

Day Retreat:  4 hours of immersive Breakthrough Therapy: £360   2hrs in the morning, 2hrs in the afternoon with a break for lunch. 

There is also the option to take the full day retreat over 2 half days and for couples to share the whole day retreat experience by having 2hrs each. 

Suzi also offers a follow up support package from £85.

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