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"Witherdens Hall collaborates with top-rated therapists, psychotherapists and coaches who are available to come to you during your stay.......all were top-class game changing procedures, I am still processing what I learnt!"
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Sarah – Yoga, Reiki, Meditation and Healing

With a multifaceted approach to your healing and with many years of experience, Sarah provides a full and heartfelt range of therapies. Each therapy moves seamlessly to the next soothing mind, body, emotions and Spirit.

Private Yoga Class, Hatha and/or Yin

You can choose either Hatha or Yin or have a more prescriptive class by mixing the two styles together.

Hatha Yoga - If you want your stretch to increase stamina by getting your heart pumping a little harder then enjoy a Hatha Yoga class, we do not jump from position to position but rather move with ease, strength and grace whilst holding some positions just for a few seconds before moving on and whilst engaging mindfully with the breath.

Yin Yoga -Yin yoga is slow and gentle, it offers us a way to balance a busy life with relaxation, but also provides us with the ability to relax deeply in mind, nourishing the joints of the body and allow each body system to function in an optimal way. A deeply nurturing class to help regulate the nervous system and a gentle way to become mindful of body movement whilst breathing into relaxation.

Private Yoga Class, Hatha and/or Yin, 90 minute Yoga class - £75

You can choose either Hatha or Yin or have a more prescriptive class by mixing the two styles together

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a natural healing energy therapy originating from Japan. Lying fully clothed on a couch under blankets and listening to music, Reiki allows you to go deeper into a meditative state as this is where your own natural healing ability is activated and accelerated. Each session delivers a sense of connection, relaxation, balance and a feeling of being deeply nourished. Many people leave feeling relaxed, yet invigorated and energised. All is welcome in the safe space created.

1 hour - £55

Shamanic Healing

In ancient cultures, those who needed help would have, almost invariably, visited a local shaman, herbalist, or witch who would have restored spiritual balance. In this present day, we can go a whole lifetime, living an unfulfilled life as our energy is blocked, overshadowed, misplaced or dampened. The overall benefit of Shamanic healing is a return of Sovereignty to you, where you will feel more whole, healthy, vital, complete and filled with love. Often the overriding feeling after a session is one of a deep and profound peace and has been described as feeling “happy for no reason”.

2 hours - £155

Meditation class

Here you will learn and experience the stillness of meditation. We’ll try different techniques to practise when you’re at home and find which suits you, as meditation is not a one size fits all, we’re all different and what works for one person may not for another. We will also practise some yogic breathing techniques that help to calm and centre the mind.

-1 hour - £55 - 90 minutes £75.00

Telephone: 07539 534385   Email:

Stephanie – Massage and Facial

Facials: A relaxing facial include a double cleansing, exfoliation, treatment masque and a shoulder, neck and facial massage using aromatherapy oils.

Facial: £45 (50 mins)

Express facial: £30 (30 mins)


Swedish Massage

Probably the most well-known type of therapeutic massage. Benefits include pain management, increased flexibility and blood flow. The aim of a Swedish massage is to maximise relaxation and it is known to reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol in your body, also improving the immune system.


Swedish full body massage: £45 (55 mins)

Swedish back/ neck/ shoulder massage: £30 (30 mins)


Hot Stones Massage

 A luxurious and pampering treatment using heated volcanic stones that promotes deep relaxation, eases stress and tension within the body.  It recharges energy levels, releases toxins and improves circulation. It is often said that one stroke of the stone is equal to 5-10 strokes of the therapist's hand.

Hot Stones massage: £55 (55 mins)

Indian head massage

 A seated, relaxing and calming massage that is based on the Ayurvedic system of healing that has been practised in India for over 1000 years. This massage releases the stress that has accumulated in the tissues muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders.

Indian Head massage: £30 (30mins)

Thai herbal compress massage

This luxury treatment uses heated herbal compresses to massage the body and face. The exotic mixture of herbs has a powerful re-energising and revitalising effect on the body. The refreshing aromas stimulate and balance the mind whilst cleansing and purifying the body. A wonderful experience that induces feelings of total relaxation and well-being.

Thai herbal compress massage: £55 (55mins)

Sports massage

Helping to release and reduce tension in muscles, improve circulation and encourage the removal of waste products such as lactic acid, promoting recovery and reducing the chance of muscle injury.

Sports massage: £30 (30min), £45 (45 min)

Telephone: 07879 477347 Email:

Clare - Mindful Walks & Nature Journaling

Founder of the ‘Dwellbeing Prescription’, Clare is an artist, writer and designer.

Her passion is to connect people to place, which she does by using a combination of practices- these are art, design and walking.

‘I love to see people engaged and enthusiastic about the places where they live or visit. I believe that when we observe, understand and explore our surroundings well it gives us a great sense of connection, possession and ultimately protection for the local environment.’

Clare is offering retreat guests two creative activities. No previous experience or skills are required. The creative work is enjoyable and playful and Clare is a supportive and encouraging facilitator. All materials are supplied. Each guest will be given a Dwellbeing gift valued at £12 to take home with them, to further their experience and practice.

Nature Journaling

This is both an artform and meditation. Paying careful attention whilst observing the natural world throughout the seasons gives us a deep sense of wellbeing and connection.

Nature Journaling- £95pp for one session of 90 mins.


Mindful Walks

This is a practice that Clare loves to share with others. Walking in the world mindfully, especially in nature can be deeply healing. Intuitively using a method similar to the Japanese way of shirin-yoku (forest bathing) you will explore the local environment.

Mindful Walks- £95pp for one session of 90 mins.


Claire is happy to discuss prices for more than one guest or for both practices to be taken on the same day.  


Telephone: 07432679164  Email:


Ben – 3-Dimensional Massage

Following 22 years of experience at the highest level of providing Holistic therapies, including a 2 year Specialist clinic at Harrods and training over 2000 therapists worldwide, Ben has designed a breakthrough experience to address the whole person, mind, body, energy and emotion. This experience uses 3 dimensional Hydrotherm massage techniques, whilst guests lie face up on cushions of warm water, and experience a personalised guided visualisation simultaneously with physical bodywork, to unlock the past trapped in your body, create a space for the future, and then align you with your chosen outcome.

Kylie Minogue, amongst others, has been a big fan of Ben’s treatments and we are delighted that Ben lives nearby and is able to offer treatments at Witherdens Hall as well as in London for ongoing treatments. Ben’s signature experience is one of a kind.  Expect to be with Ben for 70-90 mins depending on the complexity of work you are looking for in your session.  There is a consultation done prior to the session either by phone or included in the time, and sessions can be recorded and securely accessed online so that guests can continue to use it after their treatment. 


Ben is happy to chat through your requirements and advise of treatments and prices 


Telephone: 07740 557555  Email: 

Carolyn - Acupuncture


The Chinese and other Eastern cultures have been using acupuncture to promote and maintain good health for thousands of years.  According to Chinese philosophy, our health is dependent on the smooth flow of energy, or qi, through the body.  This flow of qi can be disturbed by any number of factors, such as anxiety, anger and trauma, as well as poor nutrition, viruses and injury. The acupuncturist inserts ultra-fine needles at chosen points along the channels of energy to stimulate the body's own healing response and restore its natural balance.


When you come for treatment, I will ask you all about your current symptoms, what treatment you have received, your medical history, your diet, digestive system, sleeping patterns and emotional state.  I will then check your tongue and pulses and make a diagnosis.  At this point I choose appropriate points along the meridians to best treat your problem.  Acupuncture needles are much finer than needles used for injections and blood tests, so it really doesn't hurt! 


27 years of experience, combined with constantly updating my skills, means I can provide highly qualified, safe and effective treatment, whatever your problem.


I specialise in fertility and gynaecological issues, stress, and trauma, but can also treat anything from muscular skeletal conditions such as frozen shoulders, tennis elbow, back, hip problems and arthritis to digestive health and long Covid,.  It is also very helpful for more internal issues, for example stress, migraines, IBS, anxiety and panic attacks. 


Acupuncture is relaxing, energising and detoxing, and I often combine it with Reiki for a particularly healing experience.


90 mins session.  £75.00

Cosmetic Acupuncture, £95.00

Telephone: 07866 756471

Rosie – Reflexology


Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing therapy whereby the feet are massaged and pressure is applied to certain parts of the feet depending on your body’s needs. The body’s energy zones end in the feet, therefore healing can be initiated and accelerated by applying pressure to specific zones on the feet that are connected to areas of the body.


During the treatment your body enjoys a deep sensation of calm and relaxation. A sensation that can stay with you for a long time. There are many conditions that can benefit from Reflexology including PMS, Sciatica, Sinusitis, Depression, Hormonal imbalance, aches and pains, stress-related conditions,

panic attacks and ME. It is the perfect way to boost your immune system and generate a wonderful sense of wellbeing.


Rosie, in addition to these conditions, also specialises in fertility and hormonal issues. She had a very successful practice for 6 years in Richmond and we are thrilled to be able to offer her skills now at The Retreat.  

1hr 5mins - £65.   Telephone: 07758 002 728 / 01227 751349

Sarah – Juice Therapy

Natural Juice Therapy has been around in some form for centuries. It has been used in the prevention and treatment of disease by some of the world’s most renowned leaders in nutritional therapy, including Dr Norman Walker and Dr Max Gerson.

Freshly extracted fruit & vegetable juices provide the live micronutrients the body needs to repair and maintain itself. Through changes in diet and lifestyle and including plenty of whole plant foods and raw juices, improvements in health and wellbeing are observed.


Sarah found juicing when she was diagnosed with a serious chronic illness. By changing her diet and lifestyle, and enjoying lots of raw fruit & veg juices, she has improved her health significantly. Others use juicing for weight loss, increased energy levels, and to help with a variety of illnesses and symptoms. For some inspiring examples, check out the movie “SuperJuice Me” on YouTube.

Sarah trained in NJT at the School of Natural Juice Therapy, a CMA-accredited trainer. She works privately with clients to support them as they change their diets and lifestyles for the better.

90 minute Consultation 75.00

Juicing 101 – the what, why and how of juicing. ·Advice and tips to help you avoid the common pitfalls of your juice-only plan.

Coaching – time and space to explore your health goals for the week and beyond.

Retreat Package £125

A one-to-one consultation as above, PLUS the added benefit of up to 3 x 20-minute coaching calls during your retreat to help you stay on track and enjoy the ride.

Deluxe Package £275

The ultimate package for people wanting to make a change for life.

As retreat package above, PLUS 3 coaching sessions to be taken any time in the 6 months after your retreat.


NB: You will need to order your juice plan in advance from Juicemaster to be delivered to you at Witherdens Hall.

All consultations are offered by phone, Skype or WhatsApp. Your initial consultation may also be available in person Remember that a consultation with a Natural Juice Therapist does not constitute medical advice. If you are concerned about any aspect of your health, please consult a doctor.


Telephone: 07890 812345 Email:

Suzi - Breakthroughs


2-3 hour Breakthroughs provide skills to move forward confidently.  Is there anything currently spoiling your peace, joy or confidence?  Clear blocks, fears and anxiety.  Clarify positive beliefs, focus and satisfaction. 


Suzi has an extensive background as a BIH & CNHC Registered Master Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner Trainer in NLP - Neurolinguistic Reprogramming, Advanced Trance Phenomena, Neurological Repatterning, Theta Healing and EFT Matrix Re-imprinting.


Follow up session using Video Skype - SuziTHealth or IPad - Facetime.

Telephone: 07836 635233   Email:

Sylvia – TRE (Tension Releasing Exercises)

Welcome to TRE, a somatic stress management tool with a range of amazing knock-on effects – both psychological as well as physiological.

TRE works on the principle that when we are stressed, we tense up and store this tension in our muscles. This can cause headaches/migraines, neck/shoulder/back pain, gastrointestinal issues etc. … practising TRE can help you to return to a state of balance.

During your sessions, experience and learn how to:

  • relax deeply and release tension and stress

  • take your health and well-being into your own hands

  • give your busy mind a rest and let the body do the work

And – most importantly – take your new skill home and integrate it into your life.

Your teacher is Sylvia, a certified TRE Provider, who has a business background and knows very well what stress is. Although she used to dismiss it as “but I am having fun”, its impacts were there: teeth-grinding and lower back pain.

Fast forward 20 years and Sylvia truly believes that stress really is the root of all evil, but also knows that we can support our bodies to release stress and tension.

Sylvia's teaching is informative, gentle and empathic – empowering you to take your health into your own hands, well body.

One-to-one: £85  Group session (up to four participants) £65 pp

Laughter Yoga


For groups visiting Witherdens Hall, Sylvia also offers Laughter Yoga. She says:


In Laughter Yoga we really laugh for no reason whatsoever – no jokes, no comedy – just for the pure joy of it. And we don't even need a sense of humour, trust me, I'm German!


Children laugh up to 300 to 400 times a day – adults, on the other hand, about 17 times.


Be childlike, playful, joyful and discover how you can lift your mood, get a good work-out at the same time and experience even more health and well-being benefits. Please check out for more information.

Laughter Yoga group session: £85

Wioleta - Massages, Facials & Nails

Founder of Harmony Massage and with over 13 years of experience and extensive training in beauty and massage therapy, Wioleta is an extremely passionate practitioner who adopts a holistic approach to each of her treatments. 

After working with thousands of clients with a wide range of emotional and physical ailments she created a hybrid treatment that delivers incredible results. She believes that emotional dis-ease within the body if left untreated, leads to physical manifestations of the disease. Her desire to help others is what drives her passion. The Harmony Massage is the creation of that passion. Seeing how the results of this treatment changed the life of her clients inspired her to dedicate her professional life to further advance education in all forms of healing.

Full Body Massage - 60min £70, 90min £90

Harmony Massage - 90min £111, 120min £120 (includes guided meditation)

Holistic Facial with Indian Head Massage- 60min £70, 90min £90

Manicure or Pedicure £70 each, £110 both together (OPI or Shellac)   Telephone: 07515 435708  Email: 

Cancelled treatments


Our therapists have their own individual cancellation policies. Please discuss with them on booking, what may happen in the event of a missed treatment. 

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