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"The perfect venue for workshops, courses and training"

Workspace for hire at Witherden Hall

"Lovely, very caring and nurturing atmosphere.  Beautiful to go out into the garden, swimming and walks."

The Workspace


The Workspace echoes the unique and tranquil space that is Witherdens Hall. Situated on the outskirts of the lovely village of Wingham in the heart of the Kent countryside, this light and airy space has been designed to stimulate creativity and learning. This mindful space exudes an absolute sense of calm and encourages an open and relaxed state of mind conducive to exploring opportunities and developing one's potential.

Only the highest quality materials have been used, with special care and attention paid to even the smallest of details, ensuring your time spent here is relaxing in every sense. 

  • The Workspace is very calming with air-con, lots of natural light and large windows.  The workshop space will allow for 8 to 10 for a body-work retreat, boardroom style for 16 and theatre style for 20. 


  • This Workspace is open plan and has a beautiful kitchen with a fridge so any food you require can be prepared.  The kitchen can comfortably seat up to 12 (this table could be extended to 16 if the space is opened up as one). 


  • The Workspace is versatile and flexible.  The two areas can be opened up into one or separated providing a breakout space. This can be arranged to best suit your needs.

Combine the Workspace with our luxurious accommodation for weekend or longer retreats in this perfectly peaceful and tranquil setting.

Also available in the Workspace are day retreats, allowing you to complete an important piece of work undisturbed, with use of the mini spa and the option to add to the retreat experience with treatments from our team of therapists. 

For more information call 01227 720 543 or via the contact form

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