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Sustainable Living Weekend Retreat with The Mindful Kitchen & Zero Waste Living

2 Days to Kick Start A Greener Life - 3-4 June 2017 at Witherdens Hall

The Mindful Kitchen and Zero Waste Living have teamed up to create a Sustainable Living Weekend Retreat. We'll be based at the stunning and restorative Witherden's Hall, a countryside retreat near Canterbury in Kent. During the weekend of 3 -4 June 2017, we'll introduce you to our unique process which blends mindfulness, cookery and health & beauty wizardry to help you reduce your climate footprint.   After two days of inspiration, intention setting and connection we'll send you back to city life with a customised plan to connect to nature every day, starting in your kitchen and bathroom!  You’ll become a part of a like-minded community which will support you on your journey to ensure green living intentions become lifelong habits.

What to expect?  We’ll start the weekend with mindfulness exercises that help you connect to your intrinsic values.  Then we’ll show you how to put them into practice as we deep dive in to sustainable development goals in ways that relate to the necessities of your day to day lives –  eating, drinking and keeping yourself healthy. We’ll introduce you to delicious and fulfilling ways to weave nature in to your shopping, cooking, eating and fashionista habits.

At the retreat you will:

  • Master our mindfulness in the kitchen process
  • Learn more about the sustainable development goals necessary to limit climate change
  • Learn what you can do to help make that change happen
  • Take part in a Pickling and Preserving Party using local and seasonal produce and make your own preserves to take home
  • Make your own Zero Waste beauty products to take home
  • Take part in a Mindful Kitchen Zero Waste Sunday Lunch workshop
  • Enjoy the peace of the countryside along with meals prepared for you by The Mindful Kitchen
  • Leave with a workshop binder that includes your personal plan for weaving what you’ve learned in to your day to day life

The workshop fee of 350 pounds is inclusive of breakfast, lunch, dinner and your accommodation at Witherden's Hall as well as the two day workshop during which you will produce a goodie bag full of pickles, preserves and beauty items that you have made along with your personalised Mindful Kitchen Sustainable Living Plan.

To book click here.

For contact The Mindful Kitchen.