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Monthly Mindfulness Group

Mindfulness Monthly Meetings are held at Witherdens Hall every first Wednesday of the month between 6pm - 7.45pm.

Arrive any time from 6pm to give yourself the opportunity to have refreshments and biscuits before we start a practice at 6.15pm.

Julia Ronder and Louise Chester host these evenings in meditation and discussion.

These are informal evenings where we have the opportunity for getting together to:

  • Practice mindfulness together, as a group

  • Share our mindful month - we are each invite to provide a brief 2 minute summary, reflecting on what's gone well and/or what difficulties we've experienced with our mindfulness practice over the last month

  • Share good practices, learnings, tips, things that interest us etc

  • Generally have a good evening!

If anyone would like to lead a practice or share something which has inspired you, then you are warmly invited and encouraged to do so.

We simply ask for a £5 contribution on the night from each member, to help cover the costs incurred at Witherdens Hall and includes snacks and beverages throughout the evening.

If you are a new or existing member, please email info@witherdenshall.co.uk to let us know you will be attending.

We look forward to welcoming new and existing members to Witherdens Hall, so please do share with any friends and family who might like to join us.