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mBIT Coach Certification Course - 4 Day Mindfulness & Coherence Coaching

Sat 11th-Sun 12th November and Sat 18th-Sun 19th November 2017


Elizabeth Hartley - mBIT Trainer & mBIT Master Coach

Elizabeth is a licensed mBIT Coach Certification Trainer and an mBIT Master Coach.  She is one of the first 70 licensed mBIT Trainers in the world and one of the first 20 mBIT Master Coaches fortunate enough to train with Grant Soosalu the co developer of mBIT International.


mBIT Certified Coaches report how effective and transformational mBIT Coaching is in creating quicker and more lasting changes and how it is successfully simple, intuitive and yet profound in its results. This is a very exciting new modality to add to your toolkit. In short the testimonials from mBIT Coaches are impressive. Have a look at mBraining.com where many of those stories are being shared. 


Investment: £845.

Certification: mBit Coach Certificate - Licensed mBIT Coach.


The Science

mBraining is the process of aligning and harnessing the power of your multiple intelligences (head, heart and gut "brains") through a series of practical coaching methods and exercises: multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT). Each multiple intelligence has a competency or ‘highest expression’ that produces synergistic effects and brings greater wisdom to decision-making, relationships and life. These highest expressions are compassion (cardiac - heart), creativity (cephalic - head) and courage (enteric - gut).


Why become a certified mBIT Coach?

An mBIT coach applies the insights from ancient wisdom traditions, neuroscience, mindfulness, and positive psychology to coach to the head, the heart and the gut intelligence. Unlike other coaching models who mostly coach to the intelligence in the head for specific goals and outcomes.

Become one of the leaders in this newly emerging and exciting field

Stand out and differentiate yourself in your marketplace

Boost your coaching effectiveness by learning to facilitate your client’s multiple intelligences

Integrate the tool kit into what you already know

Learn to tap into your client’s innate intuition and the wisdom of their heart and gut brains

Learn how mBIT can streamline your coaching processes to gain quicker, deeper results

Gain access to a professional network and collaborative community of ‘multiple brain coaches’ 


Who is this training for?

Professional Coaches of all types

Trainers and Educators

Leaders, Managers and Mentors

Yoga Teachers, holistic practitioners and more …


You will learn

How to balance the Autonomic Nervous System to relieve stress for optimal function

How to map less resourceful patterns using mBIT Neural Syntax Mapping

Discern what’s needed to bring the nervous system back into balance

The ways in which we block ourselves from using our higher functions

How your gut and heart brains are able to learn and grow new neural pathways

How to recognise and interpret the different languages of our three main intelligences

And more ….


What To Expect

mBraining gives us a road map to enable us to look at how the head, heart and gut intelligence work together, or not. By aligning and integrating our head, heart and gut to work from its highest expression, new wisdom emerges. This coaching method is complementary to what you may already know. It does not require you to move away from techniques you already use in personal development, therapy or coaching – it enables you to add to them.

By understanding and listening to the three brains, people are better able to recognise where they are out of alignment. You know that feeling when you want to do something, but you can’t quite take the action required? Or where your heart says one thing and your head says another? Or you have made a decision but it doesn’t ‘feel right’? That is your ‘brains’ not being in alignment.

The mBIT balanced breathing technique at the start of each coaching session allows you to bring yourself back to a balanced state. In practice what this means is, it helps you to reduce stress and anxiety in the moment of any difficult situation. It helps you to take back control of those difficult situations, giving you more choice about how you react, as well as ensuring your stress levels do not rise to unhealthy levels. It is only once you get back into a balanced coherent core state, that you can even begin to work on making positive changes.

mBraining brings you back to a grounded centre of ‘you’ giving you space to think and make wise decisions. The way that mBraining teaches you to use your breathing to balance your autonomic nervous system is simple, gentle, safe and effective. It is truly compassionate modelling the very central nature of compassion which sits at the core of mBraining.



"Well done Liz Hartley & Sue Frend for an `excellenting` four days mBIT Coach training. As a mBIT Certified Coach it was an absolute pleasure and a true blessing to be invited to join your first mBIT Coach Certification Course. You can be very proud of the creative, compassionate and courageous training you so enthusiastically and passionately provided". SM


"After many weeks of wondering if doing another course was the right thing for me or not, I finally settled for the mBIT coach training with Liz Hartley.

I was drawn to Liz after reading her intro on her site in the mBIT main site . Our shared background in counselling and psychotherapy was also a factor in my decision.

When I arrived I was staying on site where the training was taking place in Wingham, literally a short walk to the training space. The lovely village was just a short walk away and we used to head in there in the night for dinner in the local which was also handy. The location was really nice and the training space was inspiring, nice work in choosing this place and made all the more perfect by the people and trainers on the course .

I had read the book before attending the training but they brought it to life for me. Liz had many inspirational words of wisdom throughout and these have stayed with me which I believe is a sign of a good trainer. Apart form a few hick ups with the Web connection on the first day which they handled in a professional and compassionate way the rest of the course was inspiring."  KC 


"Thank you so so much to Liz Hartley and Sue Frend for the wonderful life changing training you provided in such a wonderful heart warming way. I felt completely taken care of 150%. Now I'm ready for some serious action which had been seriously missing before this training... Go go go."  NC



No previous coaching experience required. An understanding of NLP will be helpful but not essential.


The Venue

Witherdens Hall, Popsal Lane, Wingham, Canterbury, Kent CT3 1AT. Witherdens Hall is a beautiful space, and is an already established centre for mindfulness and home to the organisation Mindfulness at Work. It is about 15 minutes from Canterbury, just beyond Littlebourne.



The Dates

This 4 Day course will be held on: 11th-12th November and 18th-19th November 2017.


Recommended but not essential reading prior to the course

The Book: Using your Multiple Brains to do Cool Stuff by Grant Soosalu & Marvin Oka.



Please email elizabethhartley@me.com, vist www.elizabethhartley.co.uk or call Elizabeth on 07971411061